In 2008 the first  two pods in scotland arrived they have  been very popular

Pod hire is only £40 per night and can sleep a maximum of 4 people



The POD is designed to be comfortable - the roofing material is designed to cut down the noise of heavy rain. The window and lockable French doors are double glazed to reduce condensation and provide sound insulation. The wood used in the construction is a naturally 'warm' material but to provide extra winter warmth , sheep's wool insulation inside the walls while a special foil layer under the roof helps keep summer temperatures in check. There is a small, high level window in the back wall this not only provide light but will help keep the living space well ventilated and aid 'through draft' on hot summer days.

In 2010 Heating lighting and sockets were installed in the pods.


Benefits of the POD: Reasons to be cheerful

Already set up when you get there - just move in.

No taking down wet tents and drying before storing

None of the adverse effects of driving rain and wetness

No wind whip or flapping to keep you awake

No waking with the early dawns of the long days of summer

More privacy and security

All the benefits of an insulated structure in winter and summer

And possibly best of all -

Affordable accommodation in a truly stunning location.


£40 per night!

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